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2018 Save Our Bosque Task Force intern Shannon Snyder designed these colorful and informative flashcards for her independent project. All of the photographs were taken locally by Shannon, and the printing of the cards was funded by the Save Our Bosque Task Force and the Turner Youth Grant. We are thrilled to be able to distribute these cards to area schools to teach students about the amazing diversity of life right in their own backyard! We also hope to distribute decks to other environmental groups and agencies in the area. Each deck contains 18 cards - we would like to expand the deck size in the future to include even more plants!


If you would like a deck of cards, please send an e-mail request to SOBTF using the "Contact" link at the top of the page. In-person pickup only, please!

flashcards back proof.JPG
Flashcards front proof.JPG
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