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Conceptual Restoration Plan Update: Phase I


Outreach efforts have been instrumental in developing the geodatabase (GDB) for the CRP update. Datasets include landownership, surface water and groundwater, vegetation, wildlife, geomorphology, climate, topography, landscape-level planning, current and proposed water management, and current or planned restoration information.

The purpose of developing a GDB is to identify the best available information to support the Task Force and other stakeholders’ work in habitat restoration and ecosystem management within Socorro County. The first step developing the GDB was assembling all available spatial data products and identifying core thematic categories within those datasets. The datasets were reviewed to determine how they might contribute to resolving spatial questions relating to habitat restoration in Socorro County. If new data are brought into the Task Force vector or raster GDB, the project table can be updated, which will assist in future efforts to update this data model and its contents.  A review of available data resulted in the identification of the following 17 core thematic data categories:

  • Biologic

  • Fire

  • Habitat restoration

  • Habitat restoration proposed

  • Historic

  • Hydrology

  • Imagery

  • Infrastructure

  • Land cover

  • Landownership

  • Reference

  • Soils

  • Topographic

  • Vegetation

  • Wetlands

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