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Outdoor Recreation in Socorro County

View from the Bosque Trail 

In addition to blue skies and beautiful weather, Socorro County is home to numerous attractions for the outdoor enthusiast. Socorro County features two world-renowned wildlife refuges, the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge. We also have excellent rock climbing opportunities in our many canyons (including Box Canyon and San Lorenzo Canyon) and hiking opportunities in the Magdalena Mountains. See colorful geologic formations and explore the arroyos of the rugged Quebradas Backcountry Byway. We hope you will have time to visit one of the Task Force's first projects, Escondida Lake, which provides opportunities for fishing camping, and RV hookups. 

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s Very Large Array is open to visitors interested in learning more about astronomy. Our clear skies and lack of light pollution make Socorro County an ideal observation location for astronomers.

For the history enthusiast we invite you to visit the El Camino Real International Heritage Center, historical Fort Craig and the ruins at Gran Quivira and Abo in the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument

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