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Socorro Valley Trail and Rio Grande Trail

In 2018, the Save Our Bosque Task Force received an assistance award from the National Park Service's Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program (RTCA). This non-monetary award will allow us to partner with the National Park Service to make our community's vision for a trail along the Rio Grande bosque in Socorro County a reality. With this assistance award, the National Park Service will help us:

- Define project vision and goals
- Inventory and map community resources
- Identify and analyze key issues and opportunities
- Engage collaborative partners and stakeholders
- Design community outreach and participation strategies
- Develop concept plans for trails, parks and natural areas
- Set priorities and build consensus
- Identify funding strategies
- Develop a sustainable organizational framework to support the project
- Create project management and strategic action plans
- Coaching teams, groups and partnership networks

Ultimately, our Socorro Valley Trail could become part of the larger Rio Grande Trail which will run the entire length of the state from north to south! Over 50 miles of the Rio Grande Trail have already been designated by local communities, counties and municipalities. A trail of this magnitude cannot be created all at once, and a piece-by-piece approach will allow our vision for the trail to become a reality.

Our first public meeting for the Socorro Valley Trail was held on February 28, 2019. Over 50 people came to the meeting to give us input about their vision for a multi-use trail in Socorro County! If you are interested in voicing your opinions about the trail, please use the CONTACT link to let us know that you would like to receive information about the trail progress, public meetings, or ways that you or your group can get involved! Meetings will be announced on the calendar on our home page, as well as on our Facebook page. 

If you are looking for information about our Bosque Trail and Riverine Parks, please visit our Recreation page. 





Want to help us design the Socorro Valley Trail?


With the Avenza Maps app, you can walk along the Rio Grande Bosque area and map out places where you think the trail could go!

Click here to access maps and download them onto the Avenza Maps App

Rio Grande Trail Commission


The Rio Grande Trail Commission was created to establish the Rio Grande Trail to run the length of the state from Colorado to Texas. The Rio Grande trail shall be a recreation trail for New Mexico residents and visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of New Mexico and the Rio Grande and learn about the culture and history of New Mexico. The trail shall be established in a manner that seeks to minimize environmental impacts and preserve sensitive habitat. The commission shall define and recommend viable path routes of the Rio Grande Trail, mitigate challenges related to its establishment and define and recommend other features, facilities and enhancements needed on the trail. The commission shall also make recommendations to the legislature as needed and report annually to the governor and the appropriate interim committees that deal with water and natural resources and rural and economic development.  (NM Legislature House Bill - 563)

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