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Enjoy the Rio Grande by visiting one of our riverine parks or hiking the  Bosque Trail. 

Select a park on the map to learn more about it and get directions. Visit our Central Socorro Bosque Severance Project page to read about the work we recently completed with our partners to clear invasive trees from around the riverine parks and Bosque Trail!

Location of the ~4 mile long Bosque Trail (in yellow). The SOBTF and volunteers are working to improve the condition of the trail between Confluence Park and Otero Park by putting down gravel and installing trail markers and signs - please use the Contact Us page if you are interested in volunteering!

The trail segment south of Otero Park is not currently maintained. We would like to improve and extend this part of the trail in the future. 

Location of Bosque Trail with parks labe

Please visit our Socorro Valley Rio Grande Trail page to learn about our efforts to create a multi-use trail going north to south across Socorro County!



The Save Our Bosque Task Force continues to:

  • Develop recreation access points and improve facilities at the parks

  • Designate areas for motor vehicle access and restrict unauthorized access by installing new signs, gates, and fences

  • Coordinate maintenance and management of existing facilities

  • Facilitate waste removal and trash cleanups in the bosque

  • Develop educational outreach programs and host community events

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