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Public Meeting Archive

Save Our Bosque Task Force Spring Public Meeting - March 13, 2018

Save Our Bosque Task Force Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Meeting - October 19, 2016

San Acacia Reach Roundtable - January 13, 2016

1. & 2. Welcome and Introduction, Task Force Summary, and State Forestry Summary; Doug Boykin, SOBTF & State Forestry​

3. Rhodes Property Restoration Efforts; Doris Rhodes, Rhodes Property

4. Armendaris Ranch Restoration Planning; Gina Dello Russo, Armendaris Ranch

5. Ready, Set, Go! Planning and Firewise Program; Fred Hollis, Socorro County

6. County projects of interest; Tracey Hamilton, Socorro County (no document)

7. Authorities for Aquatic Restoration in San Acacia Reach; Julie Alcon, US Army Corps of Engineers

8. Socorro Field Office Priorities, Dustin Armstrong, Bureau of Reclamation (no document)

9. Flycatcher and Cuckoo priorities for the Reach and status of species in the Reach; Lori Walton, Bureau of Reclamation

10. Rio Grande silvery minnow monitoring; Jen Bachus, Bureau of Reclamation

11. Overview of estimated San Acacia Reach water use; Rolf Schmidt-Peterson, Interstate Stream Commission

12. Depletions Offsetting for Habitat Restoration Projects Within the Middle Rio Grande Project; Page Pegram, Interstate Stream Commission

13. Improving the Habitats of Endangered Species: Reconnecting the River and Floodplain in the Middle Rio Grande - Focus on the Isleta and San Acacia Reaches; Grace Haggerty, Interstate Stream Commission

14. USFWS June 2013 Final Report: A Landscape Scale Approach to Refuge System Planning; Andrew Hautzinger, US Fish and Wildlife Service

15. Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and Yellow-billed Cuckoo in NM: Specific ESA Section 7 Consultation Guidelines; Vicky Ryan, US Fish and Wildlife Service

16. Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge future projects; Kevin Cobble, US Fish and Wildlife Service

17. Wildlife Use of Artificial Water Sources on Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge; Jon Erz, US Fish and Wildlife Service

18. Partners for Fish and Wildlife Projects in the Reach; Angel Montoya, US Fish and Wildlife Service

19. Overview of Work on Quebradas Backcountry Byway; Carlos Coontz; Bureau of Land Management

20. Overview of MRGCD priorities in the Reach; Mike Hamman, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (no document)

21. New Mexico State Forestry Status in the San Acacia Reach; Doug Boykin, SOBTF & State Forestry

22. Recent restoration activities in the Middle Rio Grande Valley; Nyleen Stowe, SSWCD

23. Potential research and evaluation in the San Acacia Reach; Stacy Timmons, NM Bureau of Geology

24. Efforts and priorities in the San Acacia Reach; Cecilia Rosacker, Rio Grande Agricultural Land Trust

25.1 Proposed "Socorro Bosque Trail": Status and Prospects in 2016; Gina Dello Russo, SOBTF

25.2 Scope of Rio Grande Trail; Gina Dello Russo, SOBTF

Save Our Bosque Task Force Adaptive Management Workshop - September 25-27, 2007

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