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Bottomly Project

The privately-owned Bottomly property is located on the East side of the Rio Grande in Socorro county. Invasive salt cedar was becoming problematic, chocking out native Cottonwoods and other riparian vegetation as well as creating potentially hazardous wildfire conditions.


Salt cedar extraction and mulching was initiated in February 2008. The salt cedar was a mature monotypic stand with nearly 100% canopy cover, and many of the trees were over 25 feet tall. The contractor cleared a path down the north side of the property so that the boundary could be surveyed. The salt cedar was then cleared from the river to the east and approximately 12.2 acres were extracted and mulched. The Socorro Soil and Water Conservation District extracted the remainder of the salt cedar and built a fence around the perimeter using Bingaman funds. Salt cedar resprouts were individually treated with the herbicide Arsenal in fall of 2008. A detailed soil survey has been completed on the property, and restoration of the riparian plant community will proceed as funds become available.

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