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Holmes Project

The Holmes property is located in Socorro County on the east side of the Rio Grande. A permanent conservation easement, held by the Rio Grande Agricultural Land Trust, protects the property from development in perpetuity, preserving the agricultural and wildlife values on this privately-owned tract of land.

A multi-year restoration and enhancement project was funded on the Holmes property in 2008 through the New Mexico State Land, Wildlife, and Clean Energy fund. The lead agency was the Socorro Soil and Water Conservation District, with assistance from the Save Our Bosque Task Force. Like many properties along the Rio Grande valley, non-native tamarisk (salt cedar) had invaded the site, diminishing the value of the property for wildlife and for human enjoyment and agricultural use. In total, 19 acres of non-native vegetation were removed and mulched. The mulch was spread evenly over the site to discourage weed germination. Since groundwater levels were appropriate for native plant establishment, 400 Rio Grande Cottonwood and Goodding's Willow poles, along with 200 shrubs, were planted after the non-native vegetation was removed. Native grasses were also seeded in appropriate areas. 

The Save Our Bosque Task Force and pur partners continue to work with the Holmes family and other private landowners in the Middle Rio Grande valley to reduce the threat of hazard wildfires posed by non-native species such as Tamarisk, and to restore and enhance the riparian ecosystem to support agricultural heritage, wildlife, native habitats, and conservation values.

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