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Partners for Fish and Wildlife

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife program is a voluntary program administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to provide financial and technical assistance to private landowners who wish to protect or restore wetlands, uplands, and riparian and instream habitats. Projects can include various restoration activities such as removing invasive salt cedar and Russian olive, planting native species (such as Rio Grande cottonwood, Goodding's willow, New Mexico olive, or native upland grasses), providing more effective water control, or other projects that will improve the habitat for native wildlife species

The Save Our Bosque Task Force has worked with the Partners program since 2016. Interested landowners can receive cost-share assistance from the Partners program to implement restoration and enhancement projects on their property that are designed to improve habitat for fish and wildlife.



Salt cedar (tamarisk) removal on a Partner's Project site (2018).


Wolfberry restoration on a Partner's Project site (2017), protected by a temporary fence. 


Water diversion structure on a Partner's Project site (2017).

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