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Perry Project

The Perry Property is located on the historic floodplain of the Rio Grande, just north of San Antonio. This property, which is approximately 10 acres, is unique in that it contains a one-acre marsh and the rest of the property is fallow agricultural land for which the owner has retained water rights. Portions of this land were irrigated as recently as 2011 from the San Antonio ditch. The landowners sought assistance from the Socorro Soil and Water Conservation District for topographic surveys, nonnative tree and shrub removal, and potential cost-share and technical advice on weed control. This project was a partnership between Socorro SWCD, the Save Our Bosque Task Force, and the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program. Cost-share and volunteer assistance from the landowner and the San Antonio school district was critical to the success of this project.   

Invasion of non-native brush and uncontrolled flooding were the immediate concerns for the landowner. In the past the property had flooded, and this project would help to address that by diverting floodwaters into the west side drain and providing water to the marsh located on the property. After the water control issues were addressed, Rio Grande Cottonwood and Goodding's Willow poles were planted, along with a variety of native shrubs and forbs including New Mexico Olive, False Indigo, Baccharis, Golden Current, Wolfberry, 3 leaf sumac, along with a number of native grasses. Native plant establishment on this property provides a benefit to the landowners by diversifying the plant community by improving wetland function and providing a seasonally flooded wetland for birds, including waterfowl and migrating shorebirds. The landowner and partners also repaired and replaced the perimeter fence, and will use a temporary fence to excluding grazing from the seasonal wetland and marsh areas if grazing takes place on the property. 

The landowner continues to monitor and control noxious weeds on the property, with assistance from Socorro Soil and Water Conservation District and other partners as needed. 

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